A Sahara Desert Tale…

Sunrise on the Sahara – the adventure continues.

Written by TravelAvidly’s Director, Dianna Germany, currently on location on our tour of the mystical Morocco.

I left my tent alone at six in the morning and followed a group to what I thought was the sunrise tour before breakfast. I didn’t realize it was another camel ride, but hey, no problem.

We rode for about 30 minutes, and I briefly wondered if I was in the right place, but then the sun started to rise above the dunes, and it was incredible, and I figured things would probably work out.

After a while, our guide motioned for us to get back on the camels. I assumed we would make our way to go back to camp. But then we continued in the same direction towards the village, and more importantly away from our camp!!! I tried to explain the issue, but the guide was not concerned, and the camel even less so.

We were unceremoniously dropped off and told to walk ‘that way.’ I led the way for about 30 strangers, having no idea where I was going. When I saw vans about 100 yards away, I figured that was a good destination. We arrived, and I said camp to the first three people I saw. The last one motioned me to get in a truck.

So I did; I also wondered how many camps were in the Sahara Desert of Morocco…

About 20 min later they pulled up in front of my camp, and there was delicious coffee waiting for me.