Activity Ratings

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Level 1 - Easy

Trip requires walking up to 1 mile along a flat, easily navigable surface. Emphasis is on sight-seeing, and enjoying the experiences the trip provides. You should be able to navigate on your own. Example: casual sightseeing along city streets for up to 3 hours.

Level 2 - Relaxed

Trip may require walking up to 3 miles per day along hilly streets. You should be able to navigate steps, gangways, and hilly terrain on your own. Example: an active day-long tour of a city with museums.

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Level 3 - Moderate

The trip may require a moderate amount of walking over rocks and steep inclines. While physical conditioning is not required, you should be in overall good health. Example: Exploring tortoise nesting sights along a rocky shoreline for up to 6 hours per day.

Level 4 - Active

The trip requires you to be physically fit and able to exert yourself over 4 or more hours per day. Example: kayaking or a ropes course.


Level 5 - Challenging

The trip requires top conditioning and the ability to stay active for up to 6 hours per day. Example: Backpacking long distances or mountain climbing.