Astounding Africa: Dianna’s Impressions

On March 30th, TravelAvidly’s Director, Dianna Germany, set off for South Africa to prepare to welcome our Avid travelers who are participating in our South Africa and Zimbabwe tour. A bucket list destination for many, this 15-day journey began with flying to Johannesburg and then to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe where they are spending 3 nights in Hwange National Park before heading to Victoria Falls and enjoying a sunset dinner cruise on the Zambezi River. Then, they are going to visit an Elephant Sanctuary. Next, they are flying to Hoedspruit for an unforgettable safari experience in a Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger Park area for 3 nights.

Game viewing here is fantastic, and the lovely lodgings and luxurious tents will enhance their experience in this beautiful area of South Africa.

Here is Dianna’s description of an amazing adventure they just had!

We pulled up to watch the cheetahs, 2 brothers who were stalking a nearvy wildebeest herd. We waited for almost an hour to see if they would try to take one down. They walked along the train track dividing Hwange National Park and the preserve where we are staying. The wildebeest was on our side, so they couldn’t see the cheetahs at all.

Eventually they came over the track, one at a time, the first picking a young wildebeest from the herd. He sped up up, his strides reaching over 10 ft. While he was able to capture one, the rest of the herd came to its rescue and fought off the cheetahs. This picture is the stand-off between the cheetahs and the wildebeest.

We thought the excitement was over, and then we turned and saw two lions (also brothers) walking toward our truck. They were the alpha males of the pack, and the cheetahs were on their land. They walked within 5 feet of our truck, one leading the way at a trot. He chased the cheetahs away. It was like we were watching a live National Geographic special, and it was surreal. Our guides said this was an extremely unusual event to get to watch, and it was incredible.

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