Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is made by and between TravelAvidly LLC, and myself. I hereby appoint TravelAvidly LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Avid”) to perform necessary acts deemed desirable in connection with planning and leading any trips or other social/activity functions on my behalf. I understand Avid acts as coordinator only and accepts no responsibility for the services of any person or agent, airline or motor coach, hotel or condominium, or any organization whatsoever rendering any of the services or accommodations being offered on any trip or activity. Activity fees are based on current tariffs and are subject to change without notice. I understand Avid may refund initial deposit within the first 30 days of receipt, or until those funds are used to pay air, tour operator deposits, and other trip-related expenses. Additional payments are not refundable as funds are spent to book tours, hotels, and other trip-related expenses, many of which are non-refundable. I understand that the purchase of travel insurance is required within one week of my application being accepted, which should cover the cost if I need to cancel my trip. Avid accepts no responsibility in whole or in part for any delays, delayed departures or arrivals, missed air or carrier connections, loss, damage or injury to person or property, mechanical defect or failure of any nature howsoever caused, or for any substitution of hotels or common carrier, with or without notice or for any additional expenses occasioned thereby. By participating, I do not rely on the expertise of any director, officer, activity coordinator, legal counsel, or the agents of any of the foregoing. Delivery of goods and services as described is the responsibility of the contracted vendors. Further, I realize that travel, as well as many outdoor activities, has innate danger that may result in physical injury or death. I acknowledge that these risks may be known or unknown. Since safety is directly tied to my physical ability and skill to participate in any activity, I hereby release Avid, its officers, directors, trip leaders, events leaders, and their agents, from any liability in connection with injuries or physical and equipment damages I may incur in relation to my participation in any event. My participation in any and all such activities, or any activities not mentioned above is at MY OWN RISK, and I recognize that many such activities involve dangers that could result in physical injury or death. I agree to hold harmless and release TravelAvidly, its Board of Directors, officers, trip leaders and agents from any responsibility for my own actions and any consequences thereof, foreseeable as a result of the consumption of alcohol by myself or others and further agree to hold harmless and release Avid, its officers, trip leaders, event leaders, legal counsel and agents from any liability as a result of such actions and/or consequences. I give permission for free use of my name, photograph, and likeness in any social media post, on the TravelAvidly website, broadcast, telecast, or printed media of said event. I further understand that COVID requirements may vary by destination, and I accept the risks so associated. I have read and understand this agreement and have executed this agreement on the date this form is completed for the purposes expressed herein.