Why You Should Consider Traveling with a Group (especially a SMALL group)

Our trips are designed as group tours, which offer these advantages:

You don’t have to hassle with all the planning

  • Logistics of transfers, hotels, tricky local customs are all taken care of
  • Our trips are carefully curated to include the best experiences at our destinations, so you have a perfectly planned itinerary 

You have the support of our dedicated team

  • All our trips have a dedicated Trip Leader, who is your Personal Concierge focused on providing exceptional customer service 24 hours a day
  • All trips have Tour Guides, either one for the duration of the trip, or individual guides for each stop; in either case, they are selected as local experts who can share their passion and knowledge
  • Often, we have a private chef on our trips who is expert on cooking local cuisine, as well as taking care of special dietary needs; this eliminates the need to eat every meal at restaurants (although plenty of restaurant meals are included too)
  • Behind-the-scenes support staff who can handle last-minute logistical needs

In addition to the advantages to group touring, our trips are designed for small groups, often only 10 people (max is usually 15). And that’s the way we like it. If demand gets greater, we’ll set up multiple trips.  Small groups of this size have these extra-special benefits:

  • Personalized attention and more personal interaction with the tour guide
  • Ability to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations that may be difficult with a larger group
  • Provide a more authentic, immersive experience within the more intimate setting; most accommodations are booked with locals in villas/houses instead of impersonal hotel chains
  • Ability to offer more unique experiences, such as dinner with a local family, or invitations to local small-scale events
  • Overall, a much more meaningful travel experience, as connections with fellow travelers and locals are formed, and life-long friendships are made through the bonding of shared experiences